Brothers Handmade L.L.C. :: Puzzles :: Cribbage Board - Handmade folding cribbage board with hand turned pegs.

Cribbage Board - Handmade folding cribbage board with hand turned pegs.

Cribbage Board - Handmade folding cribbage board with hand turned pegs.

Cribbage Board - Handmade folding cribbage board with hand turned pegs.
This is our 2nd generation folding cribbage board and we have redesigned to focus on quality. This is both beautiful and highly practical. It folds in half and is firmly held together by 6 magnets. The inner area will hold a full size deck of cards. The wood pegs (6) have been hand turned in a fancy design. This is a great item that we can laser engrave a name on for you at a very affordable cost if you'd like.
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Our price: $16.00

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