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Word Snake 7 - Customizable wood puzzle

Word Snake 7 - Customizable wood puzzle

Word Snake 7 - Customizable wood puzzle
Word Snake 7 puzzle CUSTOMIZE a secret message to your own design. Word snakes are a unique CreativeCrafthouse product in which you rotate blocks to try and find a word on all 4 sides. All hardwood blocks deeply laser engraved. We have standard products which we make, but here is a chance for you to devise your own! It could be something that you just want to be challenging, or it could be that you want to create a secret message for someone to resolve. A truly unique gift that you help create. You will need to provide us with four 7 letter words or sets of words. There could be more than 1 word on a side (do not use spaces between words)). For instance, the 4 sides could contain: Ourlove reaches onwards forever The snake would come packaged unsolved, so rotations of the blocks would be required to find the message. Or, if you really wanted to make it more difficult, you could send a 28 letter sentence (not including spaces) that would wrap around from 1 side to the next side. For instance the 4 sides could contain: Remembe rthegre atimesf oerever The snake would come unsolved. Have some fun with this and contact me at dj51 [!at] with your words or include them with your order on the text block of checkout.
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