#31 Hummingbird

#31 Hummingbird

#31 Hummingbird
Hand cut and hand lettered from one piece of acid free paper. It can come with the verse, "May Your Day Bring You Special Moments and Lasting Memories", or it can be changed to a VERSE, WEDDING or ANNIVERSARY of your choice.
Price includes a 11x11 cherry frame and choice of color background.

Directions to order personalized certificate
1. After you place the piece in your shopping cart, click Checkout, and login or enter your shopping information.
2. Click Submit, and on the next screen in the Customer Notes box near the bottom enter the wedding, anniversary or saying information.
Bride and Groom 1st names, married name, and Month, Day, and Year of wedding, if for anniversary which one, or if for saying which
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Our price: $142.00

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